A Bangkok minute frames the beauty of everyday plastic waste

Bangkok consumes 25,000 plastic bags in a single hour. This installation contains a minute of this consumption, with used plastic bags gathered from people in Bangkok. It is an attempt to raise awareness by giving measure to this amount. Simultaneously we want to demonstrate the beauty of multiplication, using techniques of stitching, knotting, and melting to create surfaces, textures, and, colour combinations. The installation is intended to be an autonomous entity, approachable and accessible by visitors of Central World. From the outside, the installation offers different views from various angles and distances. On the inside, a Space is generated for an intimate experience - either in solitude or part of small gatherings.

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Tijn Van de Wijdeven
Wasanthaya Theansuwan
Arpakon Suwanwong


UN Escap