Water supply and sanitation services along the Alang shipbreaking yard in India.

The project emerges from a deep understanding of the resources provided in the specific context of Alang ship breaking yard. It is develop under the notion of scarcity as a tool of design, providing an open source constructive system based on a column that could adapt to materials found in the ships. The constructive system is based in the know how of the yard workers, which deal daily with cutting and welding hard metals that configure the ships main skeleton. The main module is based on the adaptation of materials coming from these monumental corpses and the industries that are developed in parallel to this main practice, such as pipes, plastic canvas, pneumatic, etc configuring an architecture evolved from those elements. Based on a repetitive pattern, several modules connect allowing water to be collected and stored in the coast line, where an informal settlement has been developed by workers. The living conditions are extremely dangerous and with a complete lack of any sanitation facility or even clean water.

Final thesis at ETSAM
Natalia Vera Vigaray

Luis Pancorbo