A vision for periurban territories of Brussels. Agriculture as driving force to transform urban ecosystems.

‘Beek to the future’ frames a territorial strategy for Brussels periurban areas. Through an exercise of policy analysing and proposal, the project outlines possible scenarios along the specific site of Neerpedebeek. ‘Beek’ refers in flamish to the water streams that structure the city; the proposal brings back the idea of productivity along those streams, alternative forms of agriculture appear in relation to the territory and its proximity to the urban settlement. Food production enters the city through these watercourses, modifies existing urban environments and introduce diverse and noticeable ecosystems.

‘Productive Brussels’ Europan inter-sessions Forum E14/15

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Patxi Martin
Claire Vernhes
Adrien Picandet
Laura Castagne
Clemence Aubrée
Agnes Jacquin