Urban actions to refine soft mobility infrastructure in a charming Macedonian town.

With an important role in Macedonia, Struga shows up as a potential area for varied development. Although, between others issues, arises the problem of traffic in the city center and in the main accesses to it, which gets even more problematic during the summer time when tourists arrive in town for vacation and to enjoy the Ohrid lake banks. Given these facts it seems urgent to think of a practical, fast and economical way to solve this situation - a bicycle network which could cross the main arteries in the city and connect the main social points.

It was essential, as a preliminary stage, to promote actions to encourage the bike use and to question the people about the major problems that would help to trace the cycling tracks and where to introduce bike parking spots.

Patxi Martín Domínguez

with João Couto, Marta Badiola, Paula Mena, Adriana Cabello, Alla Onopchenko, Marco Sousa, Endrit Kadriu, Ивана Крстеска, Edmond Isaku, Ardit Dika, Ndriçin Sulejmani


Urban residency developed in Struga, Macedonia in 2015. A project led by Valmira Istrefi