A participative process to give value to decayed public spaces in the city of Struga.

‘Urban shelter’ is one of a series of actions comprised by a larger project “Decade of belonging - celebrating diversity” funded by the European Union to be developed along a period of four years in the southwest region of Macedonia. the main objectives are to contribute to the improvement of the intercommunity relations by enhancing the cooperation between CSO’s, interethnic councils, decision makers and private sector. This specific action developed a methodology to work with communities in the value of public spaces. We worked along different sites in the city of Struga and introduced activities that implement participative processes to design and maintain those spaces.


Natalia Vera Vigaray
Patxi Martin
Gerdi Papa
Aurel Amzai
Jordan Mcllroy
Keti Hoxha
Arberi Tasholli
Erjeta Xhumkar
Marija Kovaceska
Edmon Isaku
Dogan Corba
Seniha Halil
Valmira Istrefi
Arlinda Rushaj
Oliver Dalceski
Klimentina Kovacheska

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