{PIENSA SOL} implies thinking on the public space of Madrid, it is not about one specific square but the whole network.

{PIENSA SOL} was a call for proposals for ‘la puerta del sol’ in Madrid, It was understood as a competition to reflect on the configuration of the current reality of this space. Our proposal focused on giving a solution based on the understanding that the problematic of Sol is the current decayed situation of the square network that exists in the city centre. It is based on entailing for design for all these different squares {PIENSA CARMEN}, {PIENSA DESCALZAS}, {PIENSA JACINTO}, {PIENSA CALLAO}, {PIENSA SANTA ANA}, {PIENSA MAYOR}, {PIENSA OPERA} as a way to highlight the urgency on rethinking the city centre of the city of Madrid.

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Clara Rodriguez Lorenzo
Paloma Lara
Candela Morado
Patxi Martin
Laura Martin
Alba Garcia Gonzalez