A platform for personal expression in Hungarian territories.

The cabin is understood as a reinterpretation of the Laugier’s primitive hut in a way to diffuse the limits between interiority and nature. Each of the proposed constructed elements establish a different relation with the context and all together compose a sequence in which different degrees of isolation/ exposure are experienced. The cabin is shade and shelter. Wood as unique material to built the main skeleton; vernacular materials and constructive techniques defines its skin and domestic devices. The cabin as a field of experimentation in the way it is constructed and inhabited. The workshop methodology is defined along these lines, focusing on wood crafting to built the structure and opening the cladding and furniture design to its builders through experimental design process along the duration of the camp.

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Patxi Martin
Josep Garriga


competition phase, project selected to be executed during Hello Wood 2018 - cabin fever.