Upgrading collective housing on the banks of the Manzanares river.

Madrid Renove opens up a critical reflection to massive housing production (PAUs) rapidly developed over the last two decades in Madrid outskirts. Against this car based new urban spread model, the project proposes the revitalisation of existing and obsolete social housing units nearby the circular artery that surrounds Madrid city center, and generate a more sustainable urban model of direct management.

New domesticity. The project aims to offer maximum flexibility to the existing housing units to give support to new living model patterns, adapted the the current socioeconomic situation.

Through participative process, the project involve all agents implied with the creation of an online platform (tucreastivivienda.com) where ideas are shared within the whole community in order to generate common grounds.

An easy to assemble, open source constructive system is developed to upgrade and enlarge the housing capabilities for the current and next generation of users.

Final thesis at ETSAM
Patxi Martín

Alvaro Soto