URBAN MANUFACTURERS. The productive city

INDA Y4 studio 2016-17, Chulalongkorn University.

The studio focuses on reintroducing or recovering productive economies in the city of Bangkok. The main objective of this studio is to consider alternative trajectories of growth for this city. Projects focused into developing strategies that promotes new and different relationships between living and working in the city. We reconsider productivity as a way to develop a medium scale urban proposal with a high level of definition down to its architecture and typologies. Along the design process students are required to define a social scheme; detect multiple actors, those who are involved in the production process, from the material extraction until consumption. To give a glimpse of a possible future of the project in several years, and to predict how it is going to be integrated or transformed by the city. To realize that cities are in constant change and its design and definition depend on multiple factors.  To understand participatory and open design processes. 

Aemmika Ekkaphong [AE]
Andaman Mayakarn [AM]
Aunna Kengradomying [AK]
Assia Klioua [AKl]
Chalongboon Sakulma [CS]
Polasit Sanguandisakul [PS]
Teeratechin Thanetwachiranont [TT]
Wasanthaya Theansuwan [WT]
Hiroki Igarashi [HI]

Natalia Vera Vigaray