Loads of foam and 400 architecture students in Bangkok's airport terminal celebrating the end of academic year. 

Inda Parade is an annual event celebrated by all the INDA community at the end of each academic year. The parade, held at Makkasan Station, is staged over ten days and includes an exhibition of students projects and all the final studio reviews of student work. White canvas is an installation designed with one single material, white foam, using a series of panels of 120cm x 240cm which created an alternating sequence of exhibition and review spaces along the main concourse of the station. the joinery system allowed several foam panels to merge into long continuous pinwalls. Students and faculty members were given the freedom to showcase their projects within the wall surface allowing the community being part of the curation process and assembly of the event.

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Patxi Martin
Kornkamon Kaewprasert
Kanyaphorn Kaewprasert

Antonio Lava