An obsolete Norwegian settlement in an impressive landscape incorporates a slow productive wood strategy.

Ola k asker offers a new conceptual model for Dikemark (Asker), in order to infuse identity and development in the local community. It is indeed a project that relies on a specific material, wood, as the identity trigger of the project. 

The open source city of Dikemark can be upgraded and transformed by its inhabitants, we believe that citizens own this power. They are the ones who ought to learn how to live and create their own city. We propose a new self-sufficient city where tradition and technology co-exist. Inhabitants’ participation in all steps is key for Dikemark’s continuous adaptation to changing circumstances. In this iterative process, one needs to learn how to make best use of the city. Thanks to our educational system for wood-based studies, we acquire the tools to continue with the city’s growth and new identity. 

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Patxi Martin
Clara Rodriguez
Jose Maria Martin Ravelo
Laura Martin Guillen
Paloma Lara Rodrigo
Alba Garcia

Runner-up, Europan 12 Asker (NO)