OfficeShophouse is a design practice directed by Natalia Vera Vigaray, Patxi Martin and Josep Garriga Tarres. After several shared educational experiences in different cultural contexts, this collaborative platform emerged from a common interest in addressing architecture and architectural education as a crucial role in the transformation of society. We believe in the figure of the architect as a social agent, a mediator that conceives custom-made answers to our daily needs.

WE MAKE; we make with our hands, as a tool of engagement with the city and its people. Through this performative turn, we shift our attention from final products to processes of production; from how objects look like to what they do. We design and build projects by unfolding processes that engage users from the very beginning of the transformation of a place. Our academic experiences have been intensively developed at Umea School of Architecture in Sweden and INDA Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Currently we ran our individual research practices combining a series of academic and design projects in various locations along Asia and Europe.