A shelter for fire, sleeping and gathering at Salt art festival, Norway.

Through combining different box sizes the interior space becomes vivid and appropriable, yet some of the levels are more suitable to serve as benches or chairs. The stackable shelter connects to the astonishing Norwegian landscape with windows framing the Norwegian Sea and the mountains, a very unique viewpoint towards the midnight sun. The  fire defines the natural reason to meet with others, triggering conversations across various levels of the building, while the building is meant to be temporary, easy to transport, expand or mass produce, not only hosting nomads, but being nomadic itself.


Josep Garriga Tarres
Benny Kwok
Mihai Mardare
Piotr Paczkowski

Alberto Altés
Havard Arnhoff
Roger Mullin
Joar Nango
Sami Rintala

Exhibited at Venice biennale 2016