Wooden artifacts conceived by thai students identify and admire precious features of a little mountain village in Spain.

A group of twenty thai students travelled to a little town in the south of Spain to develop a summer design and construction workshop. During the first week students were encouraged to explore and document the unknown location in order to obtain notions of the local heritage and the main conflicts this little town is facing. A series of actions to promote interaction with the local people allowed them to analyze and propose a project that modified this context, highlighting precious and forgotten features of the area that nowadays are decaying.  During the second week, students were totally involved in the design and construction of three wooden structures following a very specific assembly system. The assembly of these structures was assisted by local wood craftsmen. Students and local people celebrated the construction of these totems in an event organized as a collective effort.

Natalia Vera Vigaray
Patxi Martin

B.Vachekrilas, J.Meksingvee  
K.Meklait, K.Kunasirin, P.Niramitvijit, P.Tanpichai, K.Wongwiboonsat, M.Shoowong, N.Pongparit, P.Wongwaisayawan, P.Sakulchaivanich, Phawatpholphasarn, P.Nawathamthanon, P.Mutanone, P.Warinsathien, W.Choksunthornphot, P.Sukumalchantra, P.Kriengwatana, N.Cheevanon, S.Yupuang, S.Kosalanantakul.

Guillermo Palacios